• Bradley Leonard

Why We Need Club Culture

The majority of you reading this post are probably wondering, “Why explain club culture’s importance to people that are already a part of it and understand why it’s important?” That’s a fair question. Our readers and listeners aren’t just part of the mainstream and clearly already understand many reasons that club culture is important to people that are a part of it. However, today we’re going to look at why club culture is important to the greater societies that the subculture takes place within. Many of us, myself included have gone a long time thinking that electronic music was a haven for its own people, and the benefits only extended to them.

To better understand the importance of clubs, we have to think of them as the incubator for new ideas that they have repeatedly proven themselves to be. The ideas incubated within club spaces have ranged from fashion to drug-policy to social ideas to musical trends and even to the very architecture within nightclubs.

Take a look at the earliest form of club culture. A group of outcasts who liked music, clothes, drugs and social groups that were cast aside by much of society. Without a fear of the different, new or unknown, nightclubs serve as a space to test ideas that the rest of the world may not be ready for. As a result, pop culture has become nearly-saturated with hints of club culture if you’ll only look. The four to the floor kick has found its way onto nearly every successful pop record in the past decade. A quick google search of Studio 54 reveals that the nightly attire appearing there would fill the mainstream years later.

Most shockingly, club culture’s influence found its way to the legal system. While the form and strength of this influence varies, it is quite strong in places like Berlin where the Club Commision works with local legislators. The harm reduction policies surrounding recreational drug-use in clubs have even found their way into public service announcements that have undoubtedly saved lives.

While club culture will always thrive underground, the ideas piloted here have been finding their way to the mainstream and bringing about societal change throughout the entire history of nightclubs. Club spaces are a lot more than a sweaty dance floor where people have a good time.

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