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What The Dance Music Community Can Do for George Floyd

Dance Music has always been political and it always will be. With this comes a responsibility to step up when members of the community that created House and Techno come under attack. With the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the spotlight is almost entirely on the US. That said, this is an issue that spans the world and an issue that every one of us can help with.

It is no longer enough to not be racist, we must be anti-racist. For those that live in the US, this can mean attending demonstrations.However, for those of us located elsewhere in the world it isn’t immediately clear how we can help. Hopefully, this article can provide guidance on how all of us can do our part to protect communities targeted by police around the world and to stop this injustice. Depending on your personal situation, some of these may not be an option but we have to do whatever we can.

Demonstrate, Donate, Educate:

The first step is to attend demonstrations if you are mentally and physically capable. While this mostly applies to people in the US, there have been demonstrations worldwide. Keep your eyes out and attend if you can. If you do attend a demonstration, follow typical clothing and protection guidelines and stay safe.

Even if you can’t attend demonstrations, if your financial situation allows you to donate there are a number of funds that could use your help right now to support protesters who have been arrested. Below are links to some of them.

Minnesota Freedom Fund - Bails out Falsely Incarcerated People and Protesters

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Black Lives Matter

Not everyone can demonstrate or donate but we can all educate. Whether it’s taking advantage of a large personal social media following or having uncomfortable conversations with our family members. Don’t let this problem live in darkness, make sure to spread the word about what’s happening and how we can all help out.

Party With a Purpose:

History has shown us that people will party to some extent no matter what’s going on in the world. It’s not a bad thing but we can make it a great thing. DJs and Producers have thrown parties with a cause for years and this should be no different. Organize, promote and attend as many of these as you can. They are great for raising both money and awareness, two things we desperately need right now. Attend parties donating proceeds to organizations like the ones we listed above.

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