• Bradley Leonard

What Quarantine Has Taught Us About Dance Music

Like it or not, the world of dance music and electronic music on the whole is one that comes packed with stigmas, especially from those who don’t really understand the culture or have only experienced the more mainstream accessible types of dance music, those that we tend to shy away from at Klubheim. Among those stigmas, some of the more prevalent ones tend to be centered around the idea that electronic music is only enjoyable because of drugs and alcohol and it’s more about the party than the actual music. Quarantine has shown us that’s dead wrong.

It’s hard to fathom another genre or subculture that would band together to save its scene in such a rapid and effective way as the world of electronic music. Furthermore, the rate at which people are consuming electronic music is remarkably high. Fans around the world are tuning in nightly to watch their favorite DJ or venue’s livestreams and donations are pouring in to support an industry that relies on live shows.

Not only does this display just how special the culture surrounding electronic music is. It disproves any theories that we were only showing up for the party. Of course the party is a part of it, but COVID-19 has shown us and anyone else who’s watching that we appreciate electronic music as an art form as much as we do an accessory to a night out.

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