• Bradley Leonard

Klubheim Weekend Preview

Here at Klubheim we're pumped for the lineup we have in store this weekend. We're bringing you three DJs from both sides of the Atlantic that are guaranteed to have you rocking. In today's weekend preview we'll give you some background on the artists to help you better connect with them.


Slopes is an American DJ from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is graduating from Dartmouth college and has been mixing at Greek events for the past 3 years as one of the only female DJs on campus. Slopes grew up studying music theory and classical viola for 14 years and transitioned to DJing live in college. She has always felt a visceral connection to music, which has been a necessary part of her day since she can remember. Slopes’ musical inspirations were listening to her mom’s old disco and blues records growing up. She fell in love with electronic music at a Kaskade concert her brother let her tag along to in 2011 and she hasn’t looked back since.

William Becker Torres//

William Becker Torres is a Cuban DJ living in Tenerife, Spain since 2007. He started mixing 4 years ago and has landed a residency at Andana Beach Club and Pex Gordo. He has played in nearly every club in the canary islands as well as a number of festivals. His musical tastes are centered around house music but his sets are never limited to only one style, ensuring his sets are always exciting.


Lenju is a Spanish DJ and producer, from a young age, he has performed in top clubs around his city. This has granted him the opportunity to perform with great artists and learn from each of them. Lenju's music mixes pure classic techno with touches of house, electronic and urban. This unique mix takes his shows to a new experience that leaves no one untouched. As a producer, he has also made a career, creating tracks such as "All-in", "Perfect Meat", "Lost Monday" and many more.

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