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Klubheim for Every Occasion

Klubheim was created to give underground artists a platform during a time when nearly every traditional venue/platform was inaccessible due to Corona. As restrictions begin to lift in some parts of the world and we start to see some things return to normal we figured it was time to address the future of Klubheim.

While we’re still a small site, we’ve felt love and support throughout our first couple months and we don’t intend to go anywhere after the pandemic. The need for music TV isn’t dead even when clubs are reopened. We believe that aside from providing underground artists with a platform capable of reaching anyone in the world, Klubheim can be great fun to kick off a weekend or to amp up a night at home with friends. With that in mind, we’ve written up a list with our favorite pre-game, house party and afterhours sets. The great thing about being able to bring artists from different genres, backgrounds and parts of the world together is that we’ve already been able to create an archive with a remarkable amount of depth. We hope you love these sets as much as we have. As always, any set you see here can be accessed from our archive, our Soundcloud page, or our Youtube.


Kiosk Force//

This set is a guaranteed great way to start a night. The set begins with some beautiful genre-blending melodies from Van Der Bolt, slowly melting into rhythms that make it nearly impossible not to dance. By the time the second half rolls around and FKK is on the decks everyone will be energized and ready to dance until sunrise.

House Party:


Do you have a dark, spider filled basement in need of some love? Gather a few of your friends, (leaving 1.5 metres of space) and throw on this heavy techno mix to get your house party rocking. Everyone will be thanking you for a truly mind bending experience by the time Ghool is off the decks.


Ben Elk//

If you and your friends are wrapping up a heavy night but still have a couple hours of partying left in you, look no further. Ben Elk provides the perfect brain tickling blend of house and techno to wrap up the party and keep the dancefloor full at the same time.

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