• Bradley Leonard

Is Electronic Music the Most Inclusive Genre?

“Electronic music is the most inclusive genre.” It’s a statement that fills me with both pride and shame. It’s true that the artists that make up the various subgenres of electronic music are probably the most diverse of any type of music. It’s true that inclusivity of all has been a fundamental value since the earliest days of house and techno. For that we can be proud, unfortunately, we still have a ways to go. That’s what makes the feelings brought up by this statement so difficult. I want to be proud of everything we have accomplished and building spaces that feel safe for everyone. Still, we can’t revel in that when female DJs and marginalized populations are still so often underrepresented.

As is so often the case, it feels as though on an individual level we cannot spark change but that’s just not true. You don’t have to be booking female DJs to make a difference. That said, inaction also isn’t enough. We all have to make the conscious decision to speak up when witnessing someone groped in a club or called slurs. We can all choose to speak up when one of our friends isn’t making the world of electronic music feel like it’s for anyone with the love of the music. Someday when we say “electronic music is the most inclusive genre” we won’t feel as if we’re leaving something unsaid. It will just be the truth.

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